Extreme stunts in historical Jerusalem

See how it was done: http://www.vonwong.com/blog/jerusalem/

#kinetis #gennext 

This weeks BTSV and blog post:


Check out me wielding my brand new Broncolor gear in Jerusalem!

#kinetis #gennext

What would you do with a fire helix?

See the BTS video: www.vonwong.com/blog/starlightalchemy/
ft. Starlight Alchemy

How close would you get to a flamethrower to get your shot?

See the BTS video: www.vonwong.com/blog/starlightalchemy/

ft. Starlight Alchemy

Starlight Alchemy

This weeks blog post & BTSV with “How to” tips on how I shot each image. 
Check it out: http://www.vonwong.com/blog/starlightalchemy/

Kudos to the amazing crew of Starlight Alchemy - starlightalchemy.com and special thanks to Ida+In for the video: https://www.facebook.com/ida.n.in

The Agonist - 2014

This weeks BTSV: www.vonwong.com/blog/agonist2014/

Next Saturday I will be teaching some key deconstructions at a conference in San Diego… and guess what it’ll be streamed live ! Register now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/benjamin-von-wong-digital-artistry-tickets-11740842175

See how it was done on this weeks blog post and BTS video:http://www.vonwong.com/blog/agonist2014/

BTS video by Niko Sarki and Makeup/SFX by Tamsen Rae Makeup Artist !

Photos taken at Forges Urbaines

See how it was done on this weeks blog post and BTS video: http://www.vonwong.com/blog/agonist2014/

BTS video by Niko Sarki and Makeup/SFX by Tamsen Rae Makeup Artist !

Photos taken at Forges Urbaines

The Agonist - 2014

See how we suspended the lead singer of the Agonist in a forge for their latest band shoot: http://www.vonwong.com/blog/agonist2014/

Inside the Von Wong

For all those of you who have wondered what goes on in the mind of Von Wong… well, I have the answer for you here in this snazzy photograph. 

Who can guess the camera & lens in my hand?

Special thanks to Guy Viner from Israel to hosting me in the lab!